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We are more successful because we work together.
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We create a safe environment for solving problems and sharing ideas.
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We chart clear pathways to reach goals and celebrate success.

About The Affinities Group, LLC

Together, Achieving Greatness

Since our inception, the TAG Group has been focused on empowering insurance agents to mature their agency and increase their revenue potential.

We exist to see insurance agencies achieve limitless success, so that they can contribute to the wellbeing of their families, communities, and customers. We want to see generations thrive on the success of their established businesses.

TAG provides a platform with solutions that reach beyond what an agency can achieve alone, including access to carriers, bonuses, market knowledge, best practices and a professional community with similar values and goals.


A TAG membership offers you a fast, easy way to help you outsell, outperform, and out-earn the industry standard.


Our membership offers ongoing consultation to manage and grow agencies with industry knowledge spanning decades of experience. TAG has the resources to tackle the daunting challenges that many agencies face, and we provide the right tools so that they can succeed in sales, staffing, and product lines.


We work hard so everybody wins.


“We focus on where an agency is currently positioned and set them on a trajectory to next-level growth. The TAG group empowers owners to maximize their agency by consolidating their book of business, with access to tools and markets to increase profit sharing; keeping them 100% in control of their business.” – Chris Torres, Partner, Co-Owner

You can achieve more by working together.

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